Call for Submissions
TheRhyze! (Vol. I): She Thrive

Open August to December 2017

We thank you in advance for your interest in the submitting works for the first volume of TheRhyze! Anthologies. Considering She Thrive is the inaugural volume of many more to come, we want to make it clear right off the bat that all contributions will be accepted as donations toward a cause greater than any of us involved. However, the greatest reward we are offering our contributors is the gift of exposure and notoriety as we continue to build readership for subsequent volumes. Project Description
Thus, we are looking to partner with unpublished authors, writers and poets who are looking to build their repertoire and hone their craft. In respect to accepting works that have already been published, there will be exceptions to the rule. If, and when,  this option is taken, our proposal is to purchase a three-year non-exclusive worldwide license from the date of publication to publish your work in multiple print and electronic formats as part of the anthology volume in which it was first published. There will be no compensation for the first volume, as it will be used to raise money for an activist groups that are fighting against gender and sexual inequality. The charity selected to receive a percentage of our profits will be announced once we have 

We are currently seeking contributions for TheRhyze! (Vol.1): She Thrive, edited by Editor-in-Chief and Founder of TheRhyze!, to be published through TheRhyze! Publishing in 2018, 2nd quarter. In the She Thrive anthology, we aims to address gender and transgender inequalities in hopes of both bringing greater awareness to, and potentially bridging the gap of exclusion women (including those who identify themselves as lesbian, bi-sexual, fluid, queer, and transgender)   Despite women’s progress (in politics, entrepreneurship, corporate leadership,  made over the past fifty years,  there are still insurmountable barriers to gender equality, all of which perpetuates exclusion or oppression. We encourage writers to submit literature (essays, prose, poetry, short-stories (fiction and non-fiction) that explores different types of gender exclusion in a variety of contexts: education, politics, family roles, occupational segregation, prison, domestic violence, health, sexual exploration, military, relationships, etc., We also welcome contributions that consider how gender exclusion intersects with a number of other parameters such as race, class, ethnicity, age, sexuality, disability, etc.




Rate & Compensation

As stated above, this is our inaugural year, compensation for each piece contributed between now and December 2018 will be $5. Thus, you maintain the rights to all of your work, and you maintain the freedom to publish your works elsewhere. In 2019 we will begin to compensate contributors more fashionably. 

Compensation Exceptions (First Publication Rights)

The next portion of these details only applies for writers who we have approached to be exclusive  contributors for this magazine. We add this information because as stated in the terms above, there will be those exceptions that will apply. In the event that you fit into this category, please read the following:

When your work is accepted by TheRhyze and you accept our offer to publish it, please recognize that you we are purchasing exclusive First Publication rights to distribute the text in multiple print and electronic formats for twelve months from acceptance or six months from publication, whichever is earlier, and a three-year non-exclusive worldwide license from the date of publication to continue to publish your work in other formats - including  as a "Featured Works" post on TheRhyze.

For First Publication works, we pay $20 per work. At the time, we are unable to negotiate higher rates for professionally-published authors, writers, journalists, and poets.




Submission Styles (ACCEPTING)

Flash Fiction
The ideal length for Flash Fiction submissions is about 500 to 750 words, but pieces up to 1500 words may be submitted in this category.

Creative Non-Fiction (Essays)
Creative Non-Fiction is the beautiful union of exposition and literature. Tell us a true story, and tell it well. Word count limits are the same as for Short Stories.

Short Stories
Short Stories up to 12,000 words will be considered. However, “twelve thousand” is not a goal or a challenge, it’s an upper limit. More important than word count is the quality of your work: we are looking for excellent, polished writing that pulls us into an engaging story.

Most forms are considered, both metered and unmetered, traditional and experimental. Poems from 3 to 100 lines have the best chance of acceptance. You may submit up to three poems at a time, but you must complete a separate submission form for each poem.

You may attach exactly one (1) file containing your poem. If you would like to make multiple poetry submissions—up to three at a time—please complete the submission form separately for each poem. This minor inconvenience allows the poems to be assigned to multiple readers so we can get a response to you faster.


TheRhyze is not a genre-specific anthology; we are looking for great stories without boundaries. Therefore, most genres are considered, 


Several file formats are accepted, but Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) and Plain Text (.txt) formats are preferred.  

Simultaneous Submissions
We happily accept simultaneous submissions, so long as you show us the courtesy of letting us know that it has been submitted elsewhere, and withdrawing your submission promptly if your work is accepted by another publication.


A drawing will be held for the artwork to be selected for the cover (this will include first publication, as well as any reprints). Artist selected will be paid $50 as long as you have the rights to license the artwork to us. We purchase a three-year non-exclusive worldwide license from the date of publication to publish your work in multiple print and electronic formats as part of the anthology volume in which it was first published


Submission Styles (NOT ACCEPTING)

What We Are Not Accepting
Above all else, we appreciate great stories and great writing, and we try to be open about the content we select. However, to give yourself the highest chance of acceptance, here are a few things to consider. We are unlikely to accept anything containing:
    Racially Insensitive or Offensive
    Explicit Content (overt sex and violence)
    Previously-published Work
    Fan Fiction


Other Media Adaptations

Though you will retain all rights to your work, we reserve the rights to adapt or distribute any work selected into an audio format.


Submission and Contact

Send all submissions to The Rhyze! Editor in Chief, Naje Badu via email at

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Contact Us
For questions or clarification on any topic, please contact us at