I will never be free from individual suffering until we are ALL free from suffering." - Unknown 

Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting the site. I am artist and author, Naje Aditi Badu, formerly known as Kimberly E. Banks. I'd like to welcome you to what I believe to be the beginning of my journey - our journey - to making a true contribution toward the authentic liberation of women - both internally (emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically) and in the world. I am sure you have your own respective journey of unfolding that can certainly incite positive change in the lives of your neighbor, and in your community. Or perhaps you are about to embark on one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of your life. I commend you. Wherever you are in your journey, I am hopeful that you will allow us to unite in our collective effort to rise into our true potential as beautiful and powerful human beings. We may not make it to the day where suffering for all of mankind, more specifically the fight for gender equality, has ceased, but I believe together we can make an offering of monumental proportions through our gifts and talents.  There is nothing like the manifestation of possibility that arises out of union between like-minded and like-souled women, and advocates of women's inclusion and equality,  striving to create positive change. So believe me when I say that I am excited about the opportunities that life is presenting before us during this time. With that said, I pray you understand that your  arrival to this site is no accident. Trust that there is something inside compelling you to live freely, authentically, and unapologetically; something calling you to live on purpose; something requiring you to rise higher than your current state or circumstances; something urging you to be a stand for the rights of women, and ultimately, the rights of every human being on this planet. I hope that, together, we can be a living example of what it means to throw caution to the wind and be true to who and what we have been designed to bring forth through our lives.


Peace and Love y'all.

"Art is born of restraint and lost in freedom."


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