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It is the belief of author, Kimberly E. Banks (currently known as Naje Aditi Badu), that the lack of self-love is the difference between women who reach their full potential and those who struggle to find the power within to cultivate new possibilities daily. Through a powerful delivery of insight and passion woven throughout Let Go of Your But!A Woman’s Guide to Loving Herself into Full Potential, Power and Possibility the author inspires us to take the first step out of fear or pain, and into love, fulfillment and our individual and collective destinies. Rather than solely encouraging us to re-discover the enthusiasm, grit, motivation and accountability it takes to move our way ambitiously and excitedly into the lives we desire, the author teaches us to love ourselves first. The result of self-love: old wounds, limiting beliefs and negative outlooks are healed, thus making the possibility of becoming the self we’ve always envisioned much more fathomable. Fulfillment starts with the removal of mental, emotional, and spiritual impediments that hinder us women from seeing our clearest pathway to success. Throughout the inspiration intricately woven within every page, the author vulnerably includes herself in the collective journey of evolution and healing she encourages us to follow. This intention of this unique approach is to reveal to women how maintaining healthy levels of self-awareness, self-perception and self-expression plays a significant part in the realization of dreams, goals and aspirations. Through her courageous sharing her personal downfalls, she also teaches us the contrary. This book is a guide that will steer women of all walks of life towards a newfound willingness to recondition our minds, redirect our thoughts, and ultimately, transform our lives. Her highest aspiration through this book is to inspire us to endeavor a our own perspective path to true fulfillment, joy and harmony, and of course love.

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