Meet the Stix!

Music. History. Diversity. Culture. Activism. Inspiration.

WELCOME to inspiration. Be prepared to smile! Be prepared to laugh. Be prepared to reminisce as this wonderful group of characters take you back to a moment in time where authenticity and imagination crossed paths. Each and every single of these characters have been designed with purpose, passion, and love in mind. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. 

I am excited about introducing the Stix to you as, some of you may know, they have been very close to my heart for the past 15 years. You will find that ever on of them falls into a category, a family of their own: the Acstixism (Stix focused primarily of activism), the Muzik Stix (Stix who are inspired by and live through music), and lastly, the Athlesitx (Stix who have been inspired to empowerment through athletics). Either way, you will find th

at the Stix have been personified via the universal energy and struggle for freedom and happiness; each of them has been inspired by a person - both present and transitioned - who has left, or is leaving, their mark on this planet; each of them has been actualized to remind us of al


l that is possible when we stand in our truth, our talent, our dreams, and our purpose.

GET TO KNOW EACH OF THE STIX by clicking onto an image and reading the background story of how each of these little Stix came into my life. Ther

e are more projects that will arise out of the birth of The Stix. Stay Tuned. For now, I pray that this brief introduction to the characters will make you laugh and smile.

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Peace and Love. 



Muzik Stix

Muzik Stix (Classics)