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Naje Aditi Badu (aka Kimberly E. Banks) was born in raised in Los Angeles, California. First began to show her creative talents in the discipline of art at the age of five, when she began drawing pictures with a box of assorted colored crayons. Since those early years, she has developed into a well-respected artist, known for her patented “brick” style technique. Through her desire to create astounding, eye catching illustrations, Naje has also developed a passion for writing as a means to paint more detailed images through word usage. Thus, there appears to be a great deal of story telling in each of her pieces, most of which are centered on culture and music.

Because of the many adversities she has faced and overcome, both as a child and as an adult, Ms. Badu believes she has a special “calling” in life to inspire  others with similar backgrounds through her literature, art and other relative platforms. As she is currently studying the works of activists - past and present - Ms. Badu is working on pieces that depict that state of existence we are experiencing in this world. There are a vast number of races, cultures, classes, genders, and nations that are struggling against oppression. It is the artist's hope to use her works as a call to action for each of us to rise and stand for humanity. STAY TUNED FOR MORE PIECES COMING SOON!

View her works in The Rhyze Gallery.



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