The Rhyze Contributors


If you are an Artist, Writer, Author, Host, Guests, Musician, Photographer, etc., who would like to share a story, yours or otherwise, about successes or challenges in the rise against oppression, The Rhyze wants to hear from you. I am inviting you to join me in the quest for freedom for all of HUMANITY. Visit the CONTACT page to find out how we can connect.

Are you a novice writer interested in gaining a bit of notoriety for future goals and aspirations. OR, are you a writer who specializes in various genres, but would like to gain more exposure for writing works that promote social change and increase awareness. Well, here is a great place to start. Getting your content published digitally has never been easier. We are wish to partner with you in making sure our collective goals come to fruition. We know you have a lot to say, however, and trust that we understand that your life, your voice, your perspective, and your opinion matters. Allow us to join you in your endeavors by featuring some of your work on this platform.

Currently we are looking to partner with writers who are aligned with our mission. As we are just launching, we currently do not pay our writers, but the reward of notoriety is one that can launch your career into multiple stratospheres.  Isn't that exciting? There are several ways in which you can contribute: interviews, articles, reviews, essays, and even in a serial collection of chapters that can be posted weekly. But remember, all contributions to TheRhyze MUST promote consciousness, positive change, and evolution. This is not a platform to harp solely on the injustices taking place around the country, or even the world. Feel free to express grievances in a creative fashion, but also be sure to provide constructive feedback, potential solutions that help us ALL RHYZE to see the possibility of a better tomorrow. 

Payment Exceptions

There are some exceptions to the terms listed above. In the event we have an opportunity to partner with an author or writer who has already established a following, we would negotiate accordingly. As stated above, this is our inaugural year, compensation for each piece contributed as an exception between now and December 2018 will be $5. Thus, you maintain the rights to all of your work, and you maintain the freedom to publish your works elsewhere. In 2019 we will begin to compensate contributors more fashionably. 

Please fill out the form below, and let us know how you would like to contribute. We certainly look forward to hearing from you.