Literary Fiction

The Rhyze is a platform for literary fiction (prose, poetry, short stories, etc.) that incites readers to reach for the courage to rise against oppression.

Literary Non-Fiction

The Rhyze is a platform for literary non-fiction (essays, articles, etc.) that provoke readers to push themselves beyond the brink of liberation in order to live authentically and unapologetically..

Activist Interviews

The Rhyze is a platform for open discussions with contemporary activists whose work will inspire us to raise our standards of humanity.


The Rhyze is a platform that showcases the work of artists that challenges viewers to delve in to their own imagination as a means of seeking the change they themselves wish to see in this world.

Positive and Uplifting

The Rhyze emits positive energy. We not only raise the vibration of our viewers, but we aim to raise the level of consciousness and accountability of ever single one of our visitors. You have been informed.

Book Reviews & Excerpts

The Rhyze is a platform for reviews of books penned by authors whose aim is to inspire readers to take a stand for justice, peace, equality, and LOVE.

"A dedication to all the activists who rose, and are still rising, against oppression! The struggle for humanity lives on!"


Now that the revolution is being televised, The Rhyze is committed to sharing content that promotes anyone's endeavor to live the life they are meant to live, proudly and unapologetically.

Insightful Media

The Rhyze promotes media content that enlightens and encourages individual and collective determination.

Enlightening Gear

The Rhyze promotes gear (apparel) content that uplifts the collective consciousness of all who aspire to achieve greatness in the quest for true freedom.

Knowledge and Wisdom

The Rhyze promotes content that enriches the lives of those striving to amass wealth that extends far beyond economic fortune.

Social Awareness

The Rhyze promotes content that sparks awareness in social circles that aspire to create change.


More importantly, and above all else, The Rhyze promotes content that cultivates love/self-love. Time has proven that it is impossible to achieve movement or revolution toward healing or change until we are first able to love ourselves enough to begin the quest from within. 


Lastly, The Rhyze promotes the inspiration to keep on keeping on in order to become the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be from the inside out.

"I would say that as our struggles mature, they produce new ideas, new issues, and new terrains on which we engage in the quest for freedom." ~Angela Davis














We want to hear from you. We want to know what you are doing to contribute to change in this era. We also want to hear about the stories that have inspired you in recent past. And lastly, we want to hear your own personal stories of struggle, and the actions taken toward remedy and achievement.


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