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TheRhyze! Is...

  • Empowerment Programs: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." There is not a single woman, or individual, on this planet that does not aspire to make a difference. TheRhyze! is a platform that provides us a safe space to rise to our full potential. We offer webinars, courses, coaching programs, seminars, and workshops that help support a woman's desire to rise above oppression and limitation so that she can live a life centered on authenticity, truth, and compassion,  Giving back and helping others is always fruitful and fulfilling to us as nurturing beings. It's time we learn how to give back to ourselves in a way that will make our contribution to society much more powerful way.  Women have the potential to incite a monumental shift in this world as we know it today. Embracing our freedom, imagination, and our voice are the first steps to take toward a change that is envisioned by the whole of mankind. They are the exact tools to be used to launch a woman into the success of reaching her potential and creating the change she wishes to see in this world. TheRhyze! is a contribution to the ripple that will grow stronger and wider the more we connect and unite in uplifting humanity - individually and collectively.
  • Insight: TheRhyze! enlightens and encourages individual and collective determination.
  • Gallery: TheRhyze! is a platform that showcases artwork (by Naje Badu) that challenges enthusiasts to delve into their own imagination as a means of seeking the change they themselves wish to see in this world.
  • Enlightening Apparel: TheRhyze! promotes t-shirt apparel that uplifts the collective consciousness of women who aspire to achieve greatness in the quest for true freedom.
  • Literary Fiction: TheRhyze! is a platform for literary fiction (prose, poetry, short stories, etc.) that incites readers to reach for the courage to rise against the oppression of all types.
  • Literary Non-Fiction: TheRhyze! is a platform for literary non-fiction (essays, articles, etc.) that provoke readers to push themselves beyond the brink of liberation in order to live authentically and unapologetically.
  • Artist, Author, and Activist Interviews: TheRhyze! is a platform for open discussions with contemporary activists/artivists whose work will inspire us to raise our standards of humanity.
  • Social Awareness: TheRhyze! promotes and provides content that sparks awareness in social circles that aspire to create change.
  • Love/Self-Love: More importantly, and above all else, TheRhyze! promotes content that cultivates love/self-love. Time has proven that it is impossible to achieve movement or revolution toward healing or change until we are first able to love ourselves enough to begin the quest from within.
  • Knowledge and Wisdom: Lastly, TheRhyze! promotes the inspiration required for us to keep on keeping; to become the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be from the inside out.

It's Time to Rhyze!...

THANKS so much for your continued support. I am artist and writer, Naje Aditi Badu. I am grateful to have reached a point in my career where GIVING BACK is of utmost importance to me in this day and age. That being the case, I am dedicating this site (or project depending on perspective) to all the activists (those who specifically support civil and social justice women, gender equality, LGBTQ, and people of color) who rose, and are still rising, against oppression! The struggle for humanity lives on!

TheRhyze! Mission:

We reach high to achieve what I like to deem "Creative Cause Contribution." Why? Because the call for evolution and excellence needs to be answered, today. This site is my contribution toward such an evolution. It is my stance on the equality of women around the world. It is my contribution. It is my attempt to leave humanity better than it was when I first arrived. Yet, I am fully aware that will take the voice, the strength, the skill, the imagination, the wisdom of first, every woman, and essentially every human being on this planet, to change the trajectory of mankind as we know it today.

TheRhyze! Intention:

To shed light on many of the injustices against women occurring throughout the world today. To pay homage to predecessors who sacrificed their lives to pave a road of freedom for future generations. To utilize creativit6y - art, literature, books, music, spoken word, etc. - to speak up and address the need for women's equity and equality. To generate revenue through these mediums that will paid forward as contribution to organizations and movements that are in alignment with our cause.


We want to hear from you. We want to know what you are doing to contribute to change in this era. We also want to hear about the stories that have inspired you in recent past. And lastly, we want to hear your own personal stories of struggle, and the actions taken toward remedy and achievement.


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